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    ‘Bravo Team’ Gets New Trailer Ahead of Tomorrow’s Launch on PSVR

    Ahead of tomorrow’s launch on PSVR, there’s a new trailer for cooperative VR shooter Bravo Team, which preps players for the game’s strategic, cover-based gameplay and careful marksmanship.

    Bravo Team is a promising new title for PSVR from developer Supermassive Games, the studio behind VR titles Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (2016) and The Inpatient (2018). Bravo Team was originally planned to launch in Q4 of 2017, but in November Sony announced that the title would be delayed until March in an effort to “give the development [team] extra time to make the [game] as enjoyable for players as possible.”

    Bravo Team is looking especially appealing to those with the PSVR Aim controller, an optional peripheral which offers increased immersion by emulating the feel of a weapon in the player’s hands, allowing a more natural means of aiming your weapon and looking down scopes. Luckily, the game will also support the PS4 controller.

    While the new trailer (heading this article) shows the game in action with the Aim controller, the game’s reveal trailer back in June gives a broader look at the kind of action and locomotion players will see.

    Bravo Team launches on March 6th in the US and March 7th in the Europe and other regions.

    Source: https://www.roadtovr.com/bravo-team-...s-launch-psvr/
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