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Thread: Help for a newb

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    Smile Help for a newb

    I am trying to composite some footage into a TV screen using nuke 6.2. The problem I am having is that the TV is not in the shot to start, it is just focusing on the actor, it dollies round to reveal the TV fully for a few seconds then she stands up and walks out of the room in front of the TV. I have tried cornerpining back from where we see the TV fullscreen but could not get it too work..
    Could someone give some guidance on how to perform this task


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    could use a little more information... what specifically isn't working? are you having a hard time getting a good track? is your corner pin just not working at all?

    It sounds like you're method is sound, you're just getting tripped up in the execution. If you can't get good tracks for a corner pin, you might want to try a planar track with Nuke's planar tracker or Mocha if either of those are available to you.

    Anyway, try explaining what exactly is going wrong, and if possible, post a screen shot.


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