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    Talking VFX Supervision References

    Hi Guys,
    I am an artist from India having 7 years of experience in the VFX Industry.Me along with some of my friends started a new VFX company here in India.
    I need help from you guys as i had got a chance to work on a high end VFX movie starting this year.
    Seriously it i a rewarding and challenging task for me.
    I have no practical experience on shoot and no prior experience as a supervisor.Can you guys refer to me
    some good books ,DVDS and any online source for VFX supervision.

    Thanks and Regards

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    I remember reading an article on vfx sup's on Scott Squires blog http://effectscorner.blogspot.com/. I cant remember What it was called but there's loads of stuff on there that will help. He even upped some photo's of his vfx sup notes.

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    I think the best book around it VES handbook (now second edition)
    You can find it on Amazon here

    Valerio Oss
    VFX supervisor


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