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    Hello all.
    Here is A link to the shot I would like to re-create. Any help would be great..My limited experience in 3D packages is what has me struggling with pulling it off. So any input/guidance from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the Shot.

    Feel free to correct me..
    But here is how I imagine the break down...
    The live action actor is isolated from the BG plate, either roto or chromakeyed. Im assuming the footage is all shot with static camera, and camera movement/wiggle added is afterwards.

    Once the final frame of live action actor has completed. The final is frame is held.
    And the image of the actor plate is applied as a texture for a 3D plane.

    (Here is where I loose my way)

    Is it possible that the texture is applied to 3D object, (plane) which then has Cloth dynamics simulation? of the cloth falling into a pile of a floor(collider) object?

    I can wrap my mind around that... However, where it get lost is when I roto the actor out. Use that vector path from Photoshop.. Bring into Illustrator and save as a AI file that is compatible with my 3D package. In my case Cinema4D. Import into my 3D package.. Loft it into a Polygon... and apply cloth dynamics.... and simulate the fall..

    However, Im not able to get enough the poly to crumble smooth enough.... as though when the poly is created it uses very sharp triangles.... So I try enabling Hypernurbs or some smoothing to out the cloth tumbling effect.

    I get something somewhat close to that effect....
    But here is where I also get totally lost...how do I texture the object to fit nicely onto the model? Do I need to use UV mapping and create the texture in photoshop?

    Any advice would be Great...If I am on the wrong path, or my breakdown is not correct... or efficient...

    Thanks very much for the time, and I look forward to any help that anyone can provide me with.

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    My suggestion would be to just roto the actor out giving you an alpha. Apply this as a texture to a plane and make that the cloth sim object. No need to use lofted curves which can create ugly topology for sims. As long as you have the color and alpha you can use it directly with a plane which will give you nice quads or tri's if you triangulate.

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    Will the alpha actually effect the geometry of the plane?

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    if you want to avoid any problem it will be better if you just do a poly object respecting the outline of the frozen frame. And do the simulation with that poly obj.
    edit: perhaps a bit late, since last post is 12 days old....anyway


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