InternationallyRecognized Commercials Artist Comes to Old Montreal

Montreal,QC, October 19th 2011- Award-winning coloristGary Chuntz will be joining the team at Boogie Studio this fall. Chuntz is one of Toronto’s leading commercial and feature filmcolorists, whose credits include Jean Marc Vallée’s recent TorontoInternational Film Festival success, CaféDe Flore.

Originallyfrom London, England, Chuntz started out working in a film lab beforemoving to South Africa where he began his career as a colorist in theearly 80’s.

In1988, Chuntz moved back to London and flourished as a senior coloristat the Moving Picture Company, emerging as a prominent commercialsartist and consultant to directors and cinematographers. Severalyears later he settled in Toronto, where he continued to grow hisworldwide commercial client base through his work at CommandPost/Toybox. Chuntz then took his expertise and co-founded Toronto’sfirst commercial color correction boutique, Notch. A prominentclient list includes Ford, VW, Budweiser, Molson, Canon, Hyundai andPepsi, to name just a few.

Mostrecently, Chuntz worked in the CommercialsDivision ofTechnicolor Montreal.

"Istill remember Gary in his white lab coat with his cyan, magenta, andyellow filters looking at negatives," said internationallyrenowned cinematographer Steve Gordon, who first worked with Chuntzin South Africa. "When I reconnected with Gary in Toronto,technology was changing and I was so pleased to have someone I knew Icould totally rely on."

"Thereare people who are technically brilliant, and there are peoplewho are creative," continued Gordon. "Seldom do you findboth of those strengths in the same person, but Gary is one of them."

We’redelighted to have Gary join our team,” said Benoit Martel,co-founder of Boogie Studio. “He’s very professional, very fast,and always a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, Gary bringsgreat ideas to the table, so he’s a great asset to the clients.”

Withover 20 years as a world-class colorist, Gary Chuntz has won numerousawards, including International Monitor Awards, Bessies and the BobMan Award for achievement in the film industry. Chuntz will joinBoogie Studio in November of this year.

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