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    Tablet Troubleshooting - Cursor Jumps when moving Up&Down

    A friends Genius WizardPen 5x4 tablet,
    after working fine suddenly started with weird behavior:

    As i start bringing the pen towards the top edge,
    at c.a. 2-2.5cm it jumps at the top of the screen.

    And same when going down from the top:
    the cursor goes for awhile and then jumps
    that upper 2-2.5cm region.

    I used it then by redefining my work area.
    All except the top 3cm's.

    After many months of not being used,
    sitting in a shelf,
    my friend gave me the tablet again,
    and i had a wishfull thinking - "What if
    the tablet "repaired" itself?!".

    And that is what happened !

    The upper 3cm zone was working perfectly.


    Know it seems the trouble has shifted
    somewhere in the middle area.
    There is a small 5mm zone where the
    cursor makes a larger jump.

    Same direction up & down.

    No problems side to side.

    I wonder what happened?
    Is/was the tablet somehow magnetized?

    Should i open it?

    Any healing thoughs?



    PS: I don't think this is a driver issue.

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    How to avoid the mouse shaking in your tablet wizardpen

    here you have my solution, my tablet was shaking the cursor after a couple of months, and the solution was the most simple on the world... the screws in the back was loose, so I adjusted the screws with a screwdriver and magically all the problems was gone (two screws was under the small rubbers on the corners.

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    you better find a best service man to look into the issue.


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