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  1. Salary of Digital Compositor in Toronto?
  2. Welcome!
  3. education
  4. Blog about breaking into the industry
  5. I'm really confused
  6. Master degree without Bachelor?
  7. Taking the test to become an AE Certified developer
  8. The Demo Reels, what's the real scoop?
  9. I need to get a JOB
  10. the future of inferno
  11. A Degre Or Not
  12. Whats going on in the industry?
  13. Placement Help
  14. Animation or compositing and visual effects
  15. in an amazing opportunity, but unsure of my next steps.
  16. Advice on getting into the industry from overseas
  17. Great industry advice from Weta
  18. Breaking into vfx on feature films
  19. Moving to Australia, Advice for a motion designer/compositor/digital painter???
  20. about camera rotate around real shots
  21. Film Production Software
  22. visual effects,3D animation
  23. Rates.. How much to charge?
  24. MBA question
  25. Freelance Client relationship
  26. boujou 3
  27. Seeking guidance on film demo reel
  28. Looking for a job, NEED advice..
  29. Searching for VFX Studios in NewYork
  30. resume/cv help. one page to small!?
  31. Question about learning Shake
  32. What's next for Commercial Flame Artists?
  33. Getting jobs - From a company side of view - Advice needed
  34. Compositing Comprehensive Escape Studios!
  35. Escape or Gnomon?
  36. How long does it take to hear back?
  37. help on reel
  38. Escape Studios Compositing Comp pt2 :)
  39. Compositing Rates in London
  40. mattepainting and making the compositors job easier
  41. VES Training and Mentoring.
  42. having problem choosing a college
  43. online school?
  44. Student Leaving Uni in 5 Months! HELP
  45. about videosafe
  46. can u give any advice
  47. Compositor salary expectations?
  48. What's my next platform
  49. is there a VFX guild of union out there?
  50. Anyone work on Mirror Mask?
  51. Demo reel stracture, what works best?
  52. Original footage from movies in Demo reel.
  53. Foot in the door
  54. know a lot...but where do i start?!?!?
  55. Short composition course ?
  56. Self Critisism
  57. carrer direction :
  58. quicktime or flash video?
  60. some advice
  61. Need Help
  62. Relocating
  63. Advice about applying for work
  64. Bad Attitude issues to think about
  65. Using footage after the movie or the DVD for your reel?
  66. vfx school
  67. Proffesionals,what would you do in this situation?
  68. Freelance Lighting TD pay expectiations
  69. Project hours estimation advice
  70. Needed Advice: Would a company like this be a great next step?
  71. any jobs in italy
  72. I am in a pretty uncomfortable situation,so pros please advice
  73. Demo Reel Music
  74. Sky replacement_horizon intergration
  75. First job compositor / video editing Florida
  76. Best College for learning Visual Effects
  77. Rates for Compositing, Wire removals, Rotoscopy, retouching per day
  78. Resume
  79. Trying to figure this out...
  80. Demo Reel advice
  81. Portfolio: Getting accepted
  82. Pricing for shots?
  83. dudes of knowledge...
  84. Two New Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH EVENTS!!!
  85. From Video to Film
  86. 20 000 euros contract
  87. post-production in SEATTLE area
  88. San Fran Bay Area
  89. need advise regarding salary in China
  90. Compositing as a longtime career???
  91. I want to learn Flame / Inferno
  92. Need Advice for Vfx Animator's / Compositors Demo Reel
  93. computer science related grad needs advice
  94. Transformers Question
  95. industry slump?
  96. Cyberscan facilities in China
  97. Skill set Level
  98. Help out for Comp. Software+Scripting
  99. NYC VES
  100. shot breakdown list
  101. Big dilemma
  102. Best VFX College?
  103. lost boys learning or vanarts?
  104. From Compositor to an FX TD
  105. Typical Rate for Roto Artist in NYC
  106. Which contries have the best chance to get the foot in?
  107. A big Confusion - Need help
  108. fxphd has released the vfx-classes for July 07 Term
  109. Cover Letters
  110. Two guys wanna form a studio together with me,need advice what to watch out for
  111. Regarding Demo\Show Reels
  112. Starting vfx stido - what kind of help can i count on?USAID?
  113. Question about resumes
  114. What if you get an interview call and you are way to far from that country?
  115. Planning to start a VFX studio
  116. One of those lifechanging decisions... Got the opportunity to learn Flame2008.
  117. Question about Visual Effects career
  118. The Job Hunt...
  119. Freelance
  120. Vfx Career/ Internship Query
  121. National Centre for Computer Animation
  122. Recently been looking into Runner positions
  123. censor
  124. How to sale my cartoons
  125. Need help and advice for develop production process
  126. Need some advice on a Phone Interview?
  127. Upskill or work for respected studio?
  128. can anybody give me some advice?
  129. help!
  130. Computer Science Degree in VFX Industry
  131. Advice for a graduate
  132. Salary in London
  133. help to the naive and inexperienced! (which is me)
  134. Looking for MFA holders...
  135. Where to go after school?
  136. How to break into rotoscoping when you have enthusiasm without relevant experience
  137. 2D Compositor versus 3D Generalist
  138. Rainbow Cgi is looking for you
  139. Advice Me Please
  140. Courses in Scotland?
  141. SHOT COST
  142. A roto Survery
  143. London Rates
  144. All quiet on the job front...
  145. list of VFX companies in Bay area?
  146. Long distance applications
  147. Rig Removal: What to charge?
  148. Resume?
  149. Visual Effects or Motion Graphics Master. Where?
  150. question to visual effects artists
  151. Advice Needed
  152. I really want to learn Flame/Inferno
  153. video production company
  154. Sydney compositor salary ranges
  155. Roto Salary for students at school?
  156. VFX Work
  157. Sending Reels
  158. Setting up a small home studio
  159. Looking for 3d artist internship
  160. What to do...?
  161. Professional career
  162. My shots on someone else's demo reel!
  163. How matchmoving is perceived in your studio.
  164. Shifting from Ad-Films to Features
  165. Working outside the US
  166. VFX schools in the UK
  167. Frameboxx or MAAC Which institute I can join for VFX study?
  168. Career Advice
  169. Should I learn Flame?
  170. Interview advice
  171. Truth or Dare-Make a Short Film
  172. Fast Track to a Career
  173. 3d Max or MAY ?
  174. Thoughts on moving into film work
  175. How to start in UK as Junior Character Modeller (Maya)
  176. Difference between 2D Compositor and VFX Compositor??
  177. 3D Animation Grad - Specializing vs General 3D
  178. Companies outside of Cali??
  179. VFX shot list
  180. new VFX software
  181. Job in London?
  182. Schools in new zealand
  183. Career Advice
  184. 4 year VFX schools?
  185. Freelance VS. Staff
  186. Demo reels - to's and not to's?
  187. online vs campus
  188. University or Studio for training in VFX
  189. Need carrer advice..Plese help
  190. Local TV job a bad idea?
  191. Career Path - Vfx Vs Mograh Vs Interactive ?
  192. renderman specific training
  193. Career Advice Aiming for Runner UK
  194. internship or training studios
  195. Salaries for Assistants
  196. Which jobs seem to be in greatest demand?
  197. VFX / Motion Gfx - moving to Vancouver
  198. R&H opportunities
  199. Advice on getting an placement/internship
  200. Any Montreal house recruiting at the mo'?
  201. would u spend time making CPM chart for you VFX project
  202. reel breakdowns
  203. Freelance rates (especially in New Zealand)
  204. after effects or combustion?
  205. working as freelancer in Canada
  206. Animation Jobs In Australia?
  207. Online Art Director Workshop with Brom, Iain McCaig and many more
  208. What is this job title? (animation repainting etc)
  209. Advice for an undecisive guy's education choices in CG
  210. Help me pls
  211. flame assistant Q
  212. VFX Career Advice: VFX Program or a Computer Science Degree?
  213. Sites for VFX Job Postings in LA?
  214. Video Game VFX Demo Reel Advice
  215. Junior editor - salary?
  216. Thoughts on colleges for VFX
  217. Career advice...Learn NUKE or Fusion.
  218. Bournemouth University
  219. Site redesign
  220. Matte painting school? (london)
  221. Bit off more than I can chew
  222. Getting into the FX-part
  223. Strange Request from everyone
  224. HELP....How much to charge????
  225. HELP me for my carrier in Compositing
  226. Freelance Smoke Assistant Day rate?
  227. Guidence on VFX Schools ?
  228. Bournemouth MA in Digital Effects
  229. for junior TD job what type of reel should one make
  230. LA Tax Accountant Recommendations
  231. Where are all the Flame/Smoke Assist Jobs in LA??
  232. How much would you charge for some UV work?
  233. Fastest retrofit to VFX for an experienced software engineer?
  234. contents_compositor showreel
  235. Breakdowns, quick and slick, or slow and informative?
  236. Live Interview with NBC show "Chuck" Visual Effects Supervisor
  237. What do I do when my VFX internship ends?
  238. Is After Effects even used as compositing software in the industry?
  239. Recession ? - are there jobs in vfx still open to freshers?
  240. Starting Job ?
  241. #confusion...need some advice
  242. UK Ad Agency wants to use my work what fee?
  243. 3d for Film in LA, what's the workflow?
  244. Mentor needed for starting a VFX Studio
  245. Advice: Business degree after VFS?
  246. Advice: Remote working
  247. How much to charge for FX on Telemovie
  248. London taking on Runners?
  249. Runner or Roto & Reel's
  250. VFX in Vancouver question