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  1. Welcome VFX supervisors
  2. Duplication or cg crowd?
  3. Changing hair colors
  4. CG lighting reference ball
  5. Wafting Hair Effect
  6. things remember on set?
  7. VFX Database?
  8. Developing a pipeline - Putting things in Place
  9. Animatic Pre-production planning
  10. Tech questions on shooting HD in South Africa
  11. On Set Supervision
  12. 2.5d Mattepainting - image gathering and integration
  13. LOTR Vfx.
  14. VFX prototyping: how the VFX superviser work?
  15. Practical Grain
  16. Walking Through Walls
  17. Need help on composite shot / robotic arm replacement
  18. vfx supervision question
  19. Scene Extension
  20. Complex shot question!
  21. Shot advice
  22. Motion Control and Miniature Shooting - suggestions and advices
  23. Xen Media Productions
  24. Pilot's view flying through clouds
  25. Web site interface and blue screen
  26. beginner!
  27. rules for chroma shoot!
  28. On set techniques & tools !
  29. motion control !
  30. shooting miniatures !
  31. Recommend a Book
  32. Digital Clonning
  33. How to photograph HDR-probes on set?
  34. Teapot blows away into dust particles
  35. Visual Effects questions
  36. Wire Rig
  37. Portable green screen systems?
  38. UPS Ten Feet spot
  39. Car crash
  40. A character's face to creature...how???
  41. Set extension (pic) - WWII Film
  42. [AE] monochrome with one colour
  43. Help Needed For 3d Workflow & Pipeline Academic Research
  44. Camera Choice
  45. on set keying through labtop
  46. How to use Grey Scale Cards
  47. where to get 2-3" cubes for tracking?
  48. HDV and chroma
  49. On-the-fly case-study - Time-Slice shot
  50. Help with Compositing in Maya
  51. Any ideas about creating a REM-Look?
  52. Outside shots with no studio/artificial light, advice needed!
  53. Video from PNG/TIF Sequence
  54. Viper colour pipeline
  55. Adding rain in post, green screen.
  56. Explosion Clip - Critique needed
  57. 32 bit workflow
  58. Shoot refelction for integration of a car in real footage
  59. HELP picking a 3D Tracker.
  60. Shot/process advice?
  61. Problem Tracking a Shot...
  62. HD vs. FILM
  63. 35mm to SD with greenscreen workflow help needed
  64. green screen and dpx questions
  65. bulletMode
  66. across state production help
  67. Compositing Street Lamp into real video scene
  68. Giant People
  69. SOS: PAL to NTSC DVD Framerate
  70. Tracking a plate when the camera is rotating
  71. need advice on how to accomplish a shot
  72. Chrome sphere
  73. Where to buy tracking markers?
  74. VFX plate data sheets
  75. Combustion I need help
  76. Camera Tests
  77. Creating wind effect in a studio
  78. Demo reel what frame size/codec to output?
  79. How would you do this on set?
  80. .m2ts (high def video format) issues
  81. common errors which a beginner vfx supervisor makes !!!
  82. digital photography for 3d animation and compositing !!!
  83. Green Psyche wall
  84. hi iam a compositor
  85. FX shot planning
  86. BRDF question
  87. Independent Film Quoting - Advice Needed
  88. Insert 3D without greenscreen
  89. Shooting VFX with Sony F 23
  90. HD shutter speeds in VFX
  91. Walking through wall
  92. Shooting VFX with Sony Z1 advice needed
  93. compositing green screen and 3d into old movies
  94. Help for ad making
  95. how was this commercial made?
  96. SI 2K camera
  97. Help with head replacements shots
  98. Previz Software or Assets?
  99. Matte painting in sony vegas?
  100. Matchmoving to composite particles?
  101. Help For Restoration
  102. Compositing Problem NEED advice please
  103. head movement tracking setup
  104. texturing issues HD footage
  105. vFX BILL
  106. how do i know the image sensor size?
  107. Green or Black for screen replacement?
  108. Image Sequence Pulldown Unknown
  109. green screen for dark/night shot
  110. Green screen techniques
  111. Tracking markers - these any good.
  112. photography of reflection environment (moving car) - urgent
  113. Blue or Green Screen for Enviroment
  114. General Compositing Problem
  115. Color grading - before or after compositing?
  116. advice on HD Cameras
  117. Camera information for Tracking
  118. time management/planning software
  119. Vfx charges? Rate cards
  120. on set test key
  121. where to find the projects?
  122. where to find the explosion footage?
  123. Decapitation
  124. Speed ramp better done in AE or Shake?
  125. Ipod Touch Tecnique
  126. full face for tracking
  127. 3-D Camera System from Silicon Imaging
  128. What is the best workflow for Post-production?
  129. EX3 Workflow
  130. Help on Mirror ball, grey ball and macbeth chart
  131. BB - headtracking
  132. macro to micro tracking
  133. Filling a Stadium
  134. Workflow with compo,track and others.
  135. VFX Supervision
  136. HVX 200 Panasonic 720HD Help
  137. Workflow in matte painting / projection shot
  138. Stereoscopic movie
  139. 'Filmback' measurements for Digital video cams ?
  140. Set up a green screen with track marker point
  141. facility resources planning
  142. si-2k--help
  143. How to use light meter data in VFX?
  145. Tips for PrePro for 3D Fog?
  146. 3D Tracking the 'Best Practice' ??
  147. Real world reflection on CG Cars..
  148. Mirrorball Reflections
  149. Nasty Edges on HPX170 / HVX200
  150. how VFX has allowed film-makers......
  151. Green screening the inside of a box
  152. Image based on-set mocap.
  153. 3d Interaction with live action in a studio
  154. VFX Database?
  155. Film PREVIZ workflow and tips
  156. Consumer cameras: any "good enough"?
  157. Bidding Question Desperate pls help me..
  158. Where to get Chrome Balls and grey balls
  159. Interview with Eyeon about Generation 2
  160. The Importance of On Set Reference, getting it and using it.
  161. Green Screen tracking marks, are they still needed today?
  162. Where i can get ANTICS 3D PRO V5 ??
  163. DSLR Canon 7d For Keying and Tracking
  164. Shoot Greenscreen UnderWater
  165. iClone for Previz
  166. tracking shot with western dolly
  167. Need a student Cinematographer/Story Board Artist
  168. question on chopping head and arms!!
  169. Looking for Free Lance work.
  170. Looking for Free Lance work.
  171. Grain Match
  172. Any tips for supervising a "Minority report" style screen for a TV show?
  173. Talent turning around while I add tattoos
  174. green screen on set - and a cow!
  175. Check list when shooting for match moving.
  176. Gazing/Chrome Ball vs 180 Lens - for reflections
  177. Nintendo DS screen replacement: how?
  178. Underwater beauty - Green screen, tracking, cgi
  179. Green screen & silhouettes
  180. VFX Production Manager/Producer Recruitment
  181. Shooting miniatures
  182. Canon 5D Mark II review
  183. Green Screen and Sky Replacement
  184. Path to become VFX supervisor....
  185. supervise motion graphics shots
  186. High vis jacket green screen shoot
  187. How can I bake / combine more projected maps onto an unwrapped texture?
  188. Please help , vfx supervison , compositing question
  189. Body/Limbs Tracking setup for fire?
  190. Body/Limbs Tracking setup for fire?
  191. Body/Limb Tracking setup for fire?
  192. create motion blur in freeze frame
  193. help guys please i want my 1600x900 video to be 1280x720 or 1920x1080 but it won't
  194. entire hand/arm into mouth
  195. Matchmoving a close up circular shot
  196. Filling up a studium with people
  197. Which Camera?
  198. Vfx shot, man passing wheat ear which turns into a brochure
  199. Making someone look thinner
  200. Creating a realistic crowd shot
  201. VFX - Deflation - Effect Breakdown Help
  202. Using a mirror for reflections... need suggestion.
  203. Portable CHEAP power needed
  204. Matchmove shoot preparation advise?
  205. How to track this shot
  206. VFX Supervision References