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  1. www.3d-palace.com tutorials on DVD
  2. After Effect 5.5 book?
  3. Swedish CG Animators . . Read Me....
  4. Free Calculator for Audio/Video / Compression Storage Requirements from Rorke Data.
  5. Total Training
  6. Cool Textures
  7. Video Training Stuff are here
  8. Apple Training/Certification?
  9. Need a help with e-store script
  10. CreativeCow.com
  11. digital factbook
  12. Combustion Classes at UCLA Extension
  13. Discreet Cleaner Classes at UCLA Extension
  14. Matte Painting resources
  15. compositing case studies?
  16. Your Favourite VFX Books & DVDs?
  17. Help with Color Correction
  18. How to match camera lenses in 3d
  19. Digital Film School
  20. Compositing schools for Shake
  21. Free particle prog- Gloodle
  22. Gnomon - The Techniques of Christian Lorenz Schurer
  23. TOTAL TRAINING - Adobe Illustrator CS2
  24. Book on Blue/greenscreen - where/what ?
  25. compositing school?
  26. Need some good advice?
  27. SuperToon DVD Series for Maya
  28. Using Serious Magic's ULTRA as a multi-layer comp tool
  29. FotoKem Reviews Sapphire Plugins
  30. Gnomon Workshop Live!
  31. wondertouch particleIllusion Swings into Action at Pendulum Studios
  32. Shake Course, Toronto
  33. Cool Matte Painting tutorial
  34. Starting a Small Studio: Part One of a Two-Part Series
  35. Brand New Effects Shot Breakdowns With Fusion 5 Now Released
  36. Digital Dimension selects SOFTIMAGE|XSI for CGI Pipeline
  37. Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein
  38. After Effects 7 reviewed on fxguide!
  39. Perfect faces tutorial
  40. Building 3D textures part 1
  41. Maya Techniques : DVD Review
  42. cgunderground helps you accelerate lightwave!
  43. Animate Props with NaturalMotion’s endorphin and Maya 7
  44. Eiji Inomoto uses Cat Toolkit for Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex
  45. Two Hot, New Free Houdini Video Tutorials available from cmiVFX!
  46. SideFx hosts Intermediate Dynamics in Houdini training course!
  47. Digital Jungle Leverages da Vinci 2K Plus
  48. Concept Design classes by James Clyne and Neville Page at Gnomon School
  49. Surreel Shoots Chili Peppers Video with Panasonic AG-HVX200
  50. Learn to Sculpt with ZBrush!
  51. Far Across The Universe, GenArts and Zoic Studios Ignite Battlestar Galactica
  52. Learning Autodesk Flame In High Definition
  53. Learn the Wire Technique!
  54. Gnomon Workshop releases titles on matchmoving, boujou and Vue
  55. 'Too Hot Not To Handle: A Global Warming Primer' handled by ParticleIllusion
  56. Free Fast Track training videos for Toxik
  57. Particle Expressions in Fusion 5
  58. FrameCycler Helped Set "The Wild" Free
  59. Martial Artistry
  60. Learn how to do 3d Particles & Text Effects in Fusion!
  61. “HOOT” Feature Film Gets VFX Boost from Powerful BOXX Workstation
  62. New Toxik Training Videos Out!
  63. Review: Duber Training DVD's
  64. Using Spotlights in Texture Projections with Fusion 5
  65. Double Negative's Quest for Visual Effects Led to Maya
  66. CineLook 2 and Magic Bullet 2.1
  67. Creating Creatures
  68. FUSION 5 Basics Get up and running in Fusion 5 quickly
  69. Rainmaker and BOXX Workstations Power VFX for Da Vinci Code
  70. Smokey Text Effects in Fusion 5
  71. CG Toolkit releases the Final Volume of The Art of Rigging
  72. Hydraulx Makes its Mark with Sapphire Plug-ins on X-Men: The Last Stand
  73. The Gnomon Workshop releases Character DVD's
  74. Autodesk to present Master Classes at SIGGRAPH
  75. The Eva Wild Series at 3DTotal
  76. Stop Frame Animation Masterclass with Dave Bennett
  77. How to create Stunning showreels
  78. Digital Displacement
  79. Houdini 8 Procedural Modeling Of Digital Cities
  80. B1 Media Selects particleIllusion to Animate Egyptian Book of the Dead
  81. Luxology's modo Strengthens 'The Ant Bully'
  82. Vue Helps ILM Create Environments for Pirates Of The Caribbean
  83. Equalizer Effect With Expressions In Shake
  84. Making it Rain by Paco Morales
  85. Fahrenheit Digital releases new DVD
  86. The Gnomon Workshop releases Matte Painting DVD's
  87. The art of realism
  88. Creating A Missile Animation in Maya Using Instancers
  89. FUSION 5 Crowd Replication DVD
  90. The Embassy Employs modo for New GMC Yukon Robot Spot
  91. Steps to Success
  92. Gnomon School Of Visual Effects Launches Online Training
  93. Gnomon Releases 'Houdini: Rigid Body Dynamics' Training DVD
  94. Gnomon Online Begins Course Registration
  95. CG Feature Film Relies On Voice-O-Matic
  96. cmiVFX buy any DVD or KIT and get 1 DVD free
  97. Fractal shores
  98. HOUDINI L-Systems Essentials DVD 1
  99. The Gnomon Workshop Releases Six DVD's
  100. Autodesk's 3D Software Shapes Innovative Interactive Games
  101. Advanced Blender Fluid Dynamics DVD
  102. Quantel eQ Helps Buzz NY Deliver Humorous Series of Spots for NFL
  103. Gnomon Workshop Offers Character Animation & Fluid Dynamics DVDs
  104. Film School Boasts Feature Film with Hollywood Actors!
  105. Luxology Announces New Training Division and modo Training Videos
  106. Escape Studios Announce Launch of Autodesk Flame Course
  107. Rhythm & Hues on FrameCycler DI
  108. Fusion Common Particle Libraries
  109. boujou Helps Bring Charlotte's Web to Life
  110. Framestore CFC Puts MatchMover Pro Through Its Paces For Goal! 2
  111. Massive Software Used by Animal Logic in the Award-Winning Happy Feet
  112. particleIllusion Helps Mechanism Digital Make 'Last Stand of the 300'
  113. New 10-video modo training series from Luxology
  114. KURV studios publishes Mudbox: A Practical Guide with Wayne Robson
  115. Escape Studios Expands Recruitment Services to All
  116. HOUDINI L-systems Workflow DVD 2
  117. Dover Studios Releases Maya: Shading Networks Visual Effects Training DVD
  118. Cascade SIGGRAPH Presents: Getting a Job in Computer Graphics
  119. ZOIC Selects modo for Drive Effects Work
  120. Ballistic Publishing unveils Creative ESSENCE: The Face
  121. BodyPaint 3D Helps Peter Fendrik and Digic Pictures Bring Warhammer to Life
  122. WILDsound Film and Screenplay Festival
  123. New Video Tutorial for Eyeon Fusion
  124. Lost Boys Learning Releases Class of 2007 Student Montage
  125. LightWave 9.2 Testers Show Off The Power Of LW 9.2
  126. Digital-Tutors Releases Automotive Modeling Training for Maya
  127. SPIN Turns to FrameCycler 2007 for Uncompressed Playback
  128. Bandito Brothers Installs SpeedGrade HD
  129. Creating Noise Spectrums in Houdini VEX
  130. Digital-Tutors has Released New Free Tutorials for ZBrush 3
  131. Cinema 4D timelapse Video
  132. Vietnamese Hit Film Completed Entirely with IRIDAS' Grading and Finishing System
  133. NewTek video profile features artists discussing LightWave 3D VFX work
  134. The Gnomon Workshop Launches Gnomonology!
  135. The Gnomon Workshop Launches Gnomonology!
  136. Realflowforum.com contest 2007: win a full Realflow4 license
  137. Eyetronics Scans Invasion, Rush Hour 3, Next & Ocean's 13
  138. Realflowforum contest starts today!
  139. Video Tutorial 59: Onion Skinning In Fusion
  140. Sway Studio sweetens the Visual Flavour for Commercial CG with Quadro
  141. OTTfilms Summer Screening and Networking Event!
  142. Free full length cmiVFX Videos for two days only
  143. Massive and Vicon used in Zack Snyder-directed VFX spot
  144. get connected
  145. What's new in .psd mag : )
  146. Design Guru Turns to modo for 3D Interior Design Visualization
  147. Luxology Unveils Luxology TV
  148. cmiVFX Launches The First High Definition Training Video On Demand System
  149. New Mental Ray Training Module
  150. Assimilate Scratch Video Training Available to the public
  151. 3 New Cinema 4D Training Videos On Demand
  152. cmiVFX Launches New Houdini VEX SOPs Videos Volumes 1 and 2
  153. cmiVFX Launches Cinema 4D Animation And Motion Capture video
  154. Free HD video tutorial Learning Particle Basics in Flame 2008
  156. Sequencemaster announce Free V2 free upgrade
  157. Sharper Than Ever
  158. NEW TUTORIAL: Tutorial Of The Month
  159. AlphaStar by AlphaPlugins.
  160. Cool After Effects for Beginners
  161. It's all "Wet and Wild" at Fusion CI Studios!
  162. NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL Call for Submissions!
  163. Invid Media Unveils Foundation 3D
  164. Invid Media Unveils Foundation 3D
  165. John Knoll In Hollywood's Smartest
  166. Film title The Golden Compass by Richard Morrisson
  167. VFXrecruit reaches over 1500 members
  168. Mo-family with 90% discount - Special Offer from Imagineer Systems
  169. cmiVFX Launches New Cinema 4D Training Library Series Volume 5
  170. The Pixel Farm release PFTrack 4.1 Personal Learning Edition
  171. The Pixel Farm release PFTrack 4.1 Personal Learning Edition
  172. The Making of GOLDEN COMPASS
  173. And the winner is...
  174. Psyop Fortissimo
  175. The Mill Helps to Create the Slowest Audi Ever Built
  176. Stashmedia Turns 40!
  177. Mythology Meets Visual Feast in Beowulf
  178. Alien Sculptures and Digital Art of Francesco Mai
  179. Making of Winter Blockade at 3DM3
  180. First Trailer of Speed Racer Movie from Matrix Creators
  181. Marvel Kids - The Adventures of Iron Man!
  182. Screenwriters reflect on the writer's path
  183. Doomsday trailers and video clips
  184. $2 Million Luxury Car Designed with NVIDIA's help!
  185. VFX 'Secrets' Finally Revealed in National Treasure's Book
  186. Adobe Design Achievement Awards winners
  187. The Mill Helps Launch the New home of Eurostar
  188. CG Channel Interviews Pixars Jeremy Vickery
  189. Motion Graphics Festival 2008
  190. Making Of Taxi
  191. Andrew Jones Fine Art Series, Part 1
  192. fxguide - SPI is a Legend
  193. NVidia aquires mental images
  194. CG Channel Gallery - Marco Wei?
  195. peach - the open movie!
  196. Pepito the Baroque
  197. The Guardian says India is centre of animation | Media
  198. Huge Monitor: Alienware Curved Monitor Looks Like It's From Another Planet
  199. Apple Introduces New Mac Pro
  200. MonkeyZombieRobot.com Artist Exhibition
  201. Fusion CI Studios Congratulates Next Limit on its Academy Award!
  202. VFX Showrunner Pro released
  203. The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A New TV Spin on Terminator
  204. Le Nouveau | a student short film - Video
  205. Making Of Bumblebees by Till Nowak
  206. Autodesk announces Maya Muscle
  207. Download Free 2008 CG Wallpaper Calendars!
  208. Damnfx Teams up with National Geographic
  209. Axiotron ships Modbook OS X tablet
  210. How to Experience A New Generation of 3D - Video
  211. Blacklists Nanospore | XM Radio
  212. MassMarket/Psyop deliver hot new Infiniti
  213. HotHardware - Dell Crystal LCD Monitor, Launched
  214. Side Effects Software Showcases New Gallery!
  215. Anistock Hits 10,000 Clips
  216. Check out this cool Nike video - The Line
  217. What Bugs Apple Fans
  218. VFX Oscar Bakeoff 2008
  219. Spillt Design 1 Year anniversary
  220. Founder of the 48 hour Film festival
  221. Making Of Civilization By Ehsan Dabbaghi
  222. Get Ready for the Final Fronteir!
  223. Version2 Creates a Chilled Paradise for Smirnoff
  224. A cute little girl named "Meline"
  225. Heath Ledger dead at 28
  226. New Trailer Out for Kung Fu Panda!
  227. Buy 1 get 1 free sale at cmiVFX 1 Day only
  228. Making of Blowout at Exit 16A
  229. Tipping Point - Side Effects Software Inc.
  230. LBL - Student Montage - Winter 2008
  231. The Global Flooding of 2010
  232. Interview with Gears of War Artist Daniel Rodriguez
  233. How Double Negative Smashed Up Manhattan
  234. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Released
  235. The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian Trailer
  236. My mental ray V2.0 Open its doors!
  237. A Roundup of the Super Bowl Ads for 2008
  238. Interview with Steven Stahlberg
  239. Th1ng goes back to school to nurture new talents.
  240. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailers
  241. New Killzone 2 Concept Art
  242. NVArt Architecture and Landscape Contest Winners
  243. LostBoysLounge Student Montage - Winter'08
  244. One Man Against Attila the Hun
  245. Making of Urban. By Pierre Fabre, France
  246. Transformers and Ratatouille Grab Top VES Prizes
  247. "Madame Tutli-Putli." Best Animated Short Film.
  248. Visual Effects Society Announces 6th Annual VES Awards Winners
  249. Combustion 2008. A long-awaited update adds ColorWarper .
  250. Autodesk Splits 3ds Max 2009 For Games, Designers